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PLAN’s mission is to provide peace of mind for people with serious, chronic disabilities and their families — today, tomorrow, and beyond. We answer the heart-wrenching question “Who will care for my loved one with a disability when I no longer can?” We combine the expertise of seasoned professionals with the warmth and caring of family. Our goal is to provide long term, quality services that enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities in order to provide peace of mind for them and their families.

Plan of Care

Initial development of a comprehensive Long Term Plan of Care.

Contingency Care Planning

Estate Planning 

Benefits Analysis

Plan for Coordination of Care

Comprehensive and Long Term

No charge for annual meeting to review and revise the Plan of Care. 

Sliding Scale Fee Structure Available

Case Management

Hourly services such as companionship, transportation, social outings, assistance with home maintenance, addressing benefits issues, advocacy, medical concerns and crisis intervention.

Revising care plans.

Researching/arranging for counseling, vocational or other services.

Monitoring income disbursement.

Assisting with eligibility for programs and residential placements.

Communication with attorneys and trust representatives.

Benefit advocacy.

Communicating with doctors and other medical providers.

Advocacy and intervention.

Assisting with trust coordination.

Arranging, coordinating and monitoring hospitalization.

Designated trust advocate services

Assistance with personal care (e.g., hygiene assistance, cooking).

Assistance with home care including cleaning and maintenance.

Assistance with shopping and household budgeting.

Recreation/leisure activities.

Transportation to appointments and errands.

Medication monitoring and reminders.

Companion services/personal monitoring.

Sliding Scale Fee Structure Available

Recreation Program

PLAN provides recreation services and group outings.

Group Social events 

Lunch and a Movie

Group Outings to watch Baseball games

PutPut Golf and other Games

Group Volunteering at Save the Animals

Upcycling and Crafts

Exercise and Wellness

Sliding Scale Fee Structure Available.

Fees for Service

PLAN can be creative in serving individuals if a family has a budget in mind for routine involvement. Families can also request that PLAN appraise them if a needed service exceeds the budget set. PLAN also works in conjunction with attorneys and trust departments to make arrangements for funding PLAN involvement with a family member long term. Families can arrange for PLAN to bill special needs trusts (or other trusts) for services.​​