Sandy SchnurBoard of Trustees

    PLAN INVOLVEMENT: I began my journey with PLAN as a Cognitive Enhancement Therapy participant. I became a member of PLAN’s Board of Trustees in 2015. I created three marketing videos for a truly incredible organization during 2015-2016

    BACKGROUND: I have always been civic-minded. I have been involved with non-profit organizations for 30 years. Prior to PLAN, I sat on the Boards of Oxbow, Inc., Silver Hammer, Inc., and Cliff Condominium Owner’s Association. I also sat on the Board of Directors for Impact Video Productions.

    WHY PLAN: I’ve seen and heard of the outstanding results from other participants due to their involvement with PLAN. I believe in PLAN’s mission, and want to be a part of it.

    FUN FACT ABOUT ME: I am a trained wildlife biologist and I’m an artist. I create my own Christmas cards every year. I even have a following of collectors for my work!


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